Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

To all my friends and fam back home, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Our new year celebration consisted of a swanky restaurant downtown, and fireworks and booze on an Indian rooftop, where I also learned a bit of arabic. Hope your celebrations are equally wonderful!!

Also, I beleive my life flashed before my eyes tonight. And I don't know how I felt about it, but someone told me I was shaking my head. I also saw a shooting star and made a belated wish. I think this new year will be amazing. I have a definite feeling; I'm not lying.

What will life be like from here on out? So much will be changing and happening so soon for all of us (well the youngins, at least)--just think about where we might be in 3 years. A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Oh life. You truly are the best thing EVER. [after maybe Justin Timberlake and Gushers].

Besos, Darlings, y te amo.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Third Day in India. I could write novels and we haven't even done that much. Let's focus on some highlights, hm? Let's talk about flying, which was a hoot and a half, super tiring, and boring. I did make some silly friends here and there in airports, lines, and in planes, and I enjoyed their interesting company, but mostly flying was not super enjoyable. I flew for about a day and a half, which was one of the longer traveling times compared to the other CIEE participants. I had a fun little experience in the Delhi airport worth noting, which is that I had to transfer from the intl airport to the domestic airport, and I rode in a shuttle from port to port. I caught this shuttle at around 1 or 2 am (time meant nothing to me at this point), but it was a long, confusing and chaotic process. Such is India. Mother and family members, you will probably recognize this attitude. No, I don't think it was just Dad's families quirks. I think it's an Indian thing. Olga and I met up in the Hydie a-port and it was ridiculously wonderful to see a warm familiar face. We flew to Hydie (oh, also off and on to the hydie plane i boarded from the ground taking those stairs instead of from a terminal. that was pretty cool and movie-like) and were driven to campus by CIEE ppl. The drive was our first exposure to the INSANITY that is hydie traffic. please u-tube it for a good/frightening time. i hope i don't die from crossing the street because A. it is likely and B. that would be a lame way to go,

We began orientation stuff, all exTREMEly jet lagged like friggin Abraham Lincoln doesn't even know. Orientation was talking and listening and lectury type stuff. Oh yes, and also during this time we learned about the assasination of the Pakistani Prime Minister and the heart attack death of an Indian congressman, both of which will and have affected us directly so far. I'm pretty sure the first death will be a really influential event. Our second day of orientation was cancelled because it involved going out into the old Muslim part of the city, something which we couldn't due under these conditions. Riots and violence and such. Also, we were just advised not to leave campus at all. So pretty much until this morning we have been on our own, exploring campus, hanging out and getting to know eachother, emailing, blogging, reading, journaling, photoing, eating good food, etc. I found a Harry Potter friend everyone; don't worry. Check that box. So this morning was the first time we went out into the city. We did a bus trip with our potential peer language tutors, and went into a shopping area of the city called Koti (t pronounced in a special way). That was really nice because we finally got to be out in the city! Everybody REALLY loved that. Que mas......oh so our bus's tire exploded on the way to the city, which was phenomenal, and kind of crazy. So a whole bus load of us crazies had to hail down another bus in the middle of the road, so we hopped on that bitch (jk, let's be pc, right? no bitches up in here).

I can't wait to wear a pretty sari. I want a yellow one.

There are these really sweeeeeeeeet rocks on campus. They're huge, like boulders, and they're the some of the largest natural structures in existence!!! Can you believe that?! And I'll be living with them and I climbed on them!!!! And I'll do my homework on this really cool flat one with an awesome tree shady spot! I love it! Yay!

Hydie is really smoggy, like L.A., but worse than L.A., and so I am waiting to see a beautiful sunrise or set.

I'm bitten all around, but I'm ready to fight them.

and Y'all are crazy and I luvya and I'm having fun and can't wait to mingle more with the land and do all the wonderful things that life livers do!

I'm peacin out, because too much computer time makes me ill. Or as Olga says, Robots are scary.

Your Indian Luvvuh