Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thay it don't thpray it

It seems important to write a bit more in Phase Two. It's quite amazing how suddenly and drastically I change. It's a little unearthly at times.

Anyhow, you know how last post gave the impression that I was "settling down into myself" or something. Such a joke. I can't do that. I don't do that. Trying to be sane only make me more crazy. That's that. Jake and I talked about that tonight and I'm presently at peace with my insani-T.

Since that last post, Susan Popko from Oxy came to visit. It was wierd having someone from home here. It was also funny to see a 40yr old (or something) American woman in Hyderabad. She was totally shocked and out of her element. We were probably like that. It was also strange having to explain what my experience has been like..to evaluate it.

I had a lovely weekend of time alone to myself. Everyone went away traveling. I couldn't because I had an exam on Saturday. I spent the time watching fabulous films, reading, writing, painting, doing CouchSurfing research, teaching myself the guitar, and I cleaned my room. And I felt good. It was so nice to have some time alone and away. I really haven't gotten that in 4 months. I also spent a night up on the roof of the international men's hostel, playing/listening to guitar, and singing songs. Alex and I went into the city to a bookstore, bought apples, and had coffees over a game of scrabble.
This past week I've also had a lot of work and test. It's the end of the semester and all the teachers are piling on at one. The Indian education system is so silly and factory-like. Originality is not really valued. I'm fucked.

I had a disturbing conversation with a graphic designer/computer programmer/business owner last night who told me that only quantum mechanics and string theory were reality and that if you can't prove it scientifically, it's not reality. All you humanities losers and living in a pointless realm of unreality. All of your lives are in vain. I was not at all in the mood. It was about the last thing I could deal with at that point. Later that night, I cried. Maybe because of him, but maybe not and maybe because of a million other things. I also was attacked by the relentless gremlins in my stomache. They've decided to return. I'm not happy about it.

Couchsurfing is coming into focus! I've got someone to keep my stuff in Frankfurt. I have an offer in Berlin and one in Paris. I'm waiting to hear back from other people, but Hell Yeah! Also, I don't know if this was mentioned earlier, but I'm meeting my friend Andrea Lane in Praha. Oh, and also, Sophie is now considering jumping back into the Europe game. I'd be thrilled. I think it might happen. We'll both be crazy broke when we come home but it will be beautiful. Whatever.

Ee! I had an interview tonight for 826Chi and I was wierdly nervous. It's been a long time since I had a real interview. My critique of my interviewing self is that I try to be too honest and too down to earth and casual. I think I need to be a bit more professional and actively try to sell myself. I feel like I'm just hangin out with some ppl on the phone. Either that or I just need to be working with ppl who are cool, like me :)

School's over in around 1.5 weeks. wtf, right?

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